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      Thank you for joining us for our 2021 virtual speaker sessions. This series welcomed speakers from kids’ mental health organizations throughout Ontario to speak about their experiences working in this space and the impact Capitalize for Kids continues to have in the sector. Please enjoy the recordings below. 

      A Year in Review

      On November 4, 2021, we spoke with three of our current beneficiaries (Carol Beauchamp of Rebound Child & Youth Services, Susanne Clements of YouthLink and Darcia Curtis of FIREFLY) about their experiences working with Capitalize for Kids, and highlighted how your support has built capacity at their organizations. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

      Exploring Children’s Mental Health Care in Ontario

      In the first of our 2021 Virtual Café webinar series, we spoke with three influential professionals from the kids’ mental health space for a panel discussion. Zoë Dawe, Joanne Lowe and Purnima Sundar shared their expertise and insights on the issues being faced by kids’ mental health service providers and what can be done to help. We come away from this conversation with a great message of hope and ideas of how to help our children move into the next new “normal” with the supports they need. 

      Thank you for joining us for our 2020 virtual speaker sessions, C4K Virtual Café: Conversations. This series welcomed speakers from the financial and healthcare sectors to engage in discussions about themes and storylines that weave through both industries. You can watch the recordings below. 

      Mental Health and the Marketplace:
      What to Expect Next

      For the fourth and final of our 2020 virtual speaker sessions, we were joined by Ron Haik, Senior Financial Advisor, Nicola Wealth, and Daphne J. Korczak, MD MSc FRCPC (peds), FRCPC (psych), Hospital for Sick Children. They shared their perspectives on the pandemic, mental health and the markets. As we live through an unprecedented time, this discussion explored how the worlds of finance and kids’ mental health influence each other, the ramifications of COVID-19 in both arenas and what this means as we look ahead to the future.

      Health Care and Financial Markets:
      How You Can Benefit from these Verticals Colliding

      In the third of our virtual speaker sessions, C4K Virtual Café: Conversations, we were joined by Anastasios Avgeriou, US Equity Strategist, BCA Research and Mark Fam, Vice President, Programs, Michael Garron Hospital. Bringing together Anastasios’ extensive experience analyzing trends in capital markets, and Mark’s insights into how kids’ mental health services in Canada have been impacted during COVID-19, we explored how each sector influences the other and what this means as we look ahead to the future.

      Conversations from a Changing Landscape

      In the second virtual speaker session, C4K Virtual Café: Conversations, we were joined by Alex Roepers, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Atlantic Investment Management and Alisa Simon, Senior Vice President, Innovation & Chief Youth Officer, Kids Help Phone. We explored the importance of both consistency and adaptability as we work through the complexities of our current environment.

      For more information about Kids Help Phone and to see Alisa Simon’s presentation, click here.

      Conversations from the Frontlines of COVID-19

      In the first of our virtual speaker sessions, C4K Virtual Café: Conversations, we were joined by David Rosenberg, Chief Economist & Strategist, Rosenberg Research & Associates Inc. and Maureen Brennan, Director, Mental Health and Addictions Program, IWK Health Centre. We explored whether it’s possible for government policies to strike a balance between the health and economic well-being of the population as we work through the complexities of the current environment.

      You can continue to follow David Rosenberg’s economic and market insights by signing up for a free, one-month trial to his research HERE.

      Donate to kids’ mental health and help reduce wait times for youth seeking service providers. 

      Please note that our organization does not directly provide mental health services. To find a Children's Mental Health Centre in Ontario, click here. If you are in a crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.