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      Infrastructure Modernization

      Reducing administrative burden to spend more time helping kids and families.


      Today, organizations large and small are benefiting from the value of a cloud-based human resources management system (HRMS). An HRMS ensures everyday human resources (HR) processes are manageable and easy to access by combining a number of necessary internal HR functions, including employee data, payroll, recruitment, time and attendance, talent management and employee performance, into a centralized solution for organizations.

      Yorktown Family Services, a fully accredited community service agency, was struggling to meet the growing needs of its community as a result of outdated and time-consuming HR and finance processes. Key HR procedures, including time and attendance, payroll administration and scheduling were being tracked on paper, in Excel, or across other decentralized methods, creating a significant time burden on service and administrative staff.

      Time spent on these processes would be better spent:

      • Helping more children, youth and families access the services they need
      • Focusing on more strategic HR activities that help Yorktown meets its service objectives and future demand

      Our Goals

      Streamline the HR processes at Yorktown using an HRMS solution so service providers can build additional capacity through their existing staff and resources by reallocating the time and effort being saved.

      Our Solution

      In partnership with RBC, we worked with Yorktown to implement an HRMS to automate most of their key processes. Using Workforce Now (WFN), a cloud-based HRMS and ADP’s all-in-one platform, Yorktown has been able to eliminate manual, paper-based steps, streamline its HR processes and redeploy time that was spent on administrative tasks to front-line care.


      Guide and Resources Download

      Download our guide to reducing administrative burden through the implementation of a cloud-based human resources management system (HRMS).



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