Invest in Kids’ Mental Health

Did you know that kids in Ontario can wait up to 18 months for mental health services? That’s why we work with great community organizations to build capacity and reduce waiting lists.

Yorktown Family Services is one of those great organizations.

Yorktown provides children’s mental health services along with a shelter for women and their children who are fleeing abusive situations. They serve a large community of new immigrants and visible minorities – some of the most difficult demographics to reach.

We’re working with their team to reduce administrative overhead and free up counsellors to do what they do best – help kids.


administrative staff time


program staff time

Could be saved and redeployed elsewhere through improved administrative technology and processes.

Our preliminary work shows that implementing digital solutions, which reduce the need for frontline administrative tasks, will enable Yorktown to support more kids with their existing staff. But, they can’t do it without you!

Donate today and help Yorktown Family Services support more kids.


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