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We help organizations find opportunities to support more kids with their existing resources.



We develop solutions to capture these opportunities.


We fund and support the implementation of our solutions.



We template, publish, and share our solutions for use by other mental health service providers across Canada.

You likely know a young person who has faced depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or some kind of mental health issue. 1 in 5 kids will experience a mental health challenge and they are asking for help like never before. Unfortunately, service providers just can’t keep up with demand.

If you’ve ever tried to help one of these kids access mental health services, you know that it can feel like an impossible task. It often involves navigating a patchwork of services, turning to expensive private alternatives, travelling to clinics in different cities, or being stuck on year-long waitlists.

We believe that kids and their families deserve so much better. It’s why we focus on building capacity in kids mental health services.

We work with great agencies to identify business opportunities to increase the capacity of their existing services. We partner with top for-profit companies on a pro-bono basis to design solutions and then we fund the required changes to an agency’s operations. At the end of the process, we template and share what we learn so that other organizations can implement similar solutions for themselves.

We are helping service providers support more young people with their existing resources. It means that kids spend less time looking for help and more time getting it.


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Case Studies

Read testimonials from some of our completed case studies below. 

The George Hull Centre for Children and Families

Reducing missed appointments to maximize counselling time.

We worked with The George Hull Centre for Children and Families to identify that a high number of missed appointments and last-minute client cancellations were causing counselling time to go under-utilized.

450 Appointments used more effectively per year.

800% Return on investment in created healthcare value.

Helped reduce client waitlist from more than a year to less than 4 months.

In partnership with The Boston Consulting Group, we implemented an appointment reminder solution to dramatically reduce no-shows and ensure that cancelled appointment slots will be used by other patients.



Susan Chamberlain

Executive Director, The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
“Capitalize for Kids has helped The George Hull Centre tremendously. They bring an expert consulting lens through which to see our work. They have helped us identify areas where we can improve our efficiency and as a result, increase the impact that we have in our work with children and families. With Capitalize for Kids, you form a true partnership and we know that they are going to see us through the project from beginning to end, ensuring that we have excellent results.”

Kids Help Phone

Enabling a national support line to reach more kids across Canada

As Canada’s only national 24-hour, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling service for children and youth, Kids Help Phone has always been a resource for young people to count on. But staying relevant to young people means connecting with them on modern platforms and staying ahead of digital trends.

Supporting a 150% increase in engagements with kids by 2021. That equals 3.5 million engagements per year.

We worked with Kids Help Phone to operationalize their strategic priorities and launch a project management office. This is enabling them to keep up with how young people need to be supported and achieve their goal of engaging kids 3.5 million times annually by 2021.



Kathy Hay

President and CEO, Kids Help Phone
“Capitalize for Kids has been truly a game changer for Kids Help Phone through their highly strategic and forward thinking engagement as we worked to operationalize our strategic plan. With Capitalize for Kids as partners, not only did we confidently put real goals in our sightlines with real timelines, we also built the strategic imperatives and tactics to get us there. We can see how we will reach kids 3.5 million times across Canada annually in support of their mental health and wellbeing by 2021! Kids Help Phone is a different organization because of Capitalize for Kids, we are deeply grateful. And – they are all absolutely terrific people!”

Yorktown Family Services

Reducing administrative burden to spend more time helping kids and families.

Yorktown Family Services was struggling to meet the growing needs of their community as a result of outdated and time consuming HR and finance processes.

1,000 fewer hours spent on admin per year.

In partnership with RBC, we have implemented a cloud-based HR and finance system that will automate a majority of their processes. It will now enable them to re-deploy time that was being spent on administrative tasks to front-line care.



Suzette Arruda-Santos

Executive Director, Yorktown Family Services
“Capitalize for Kids has helped Yorktown identify a key organization challenge as well as develop solutions and opportunities to leverage our capacity to effectively respond. By redefining and redesigning some of our organizational processes, Capitalize for Kids together with Yorktown is moving our organization to high performance by maximizing efficiencies to ensure our limited resources are allocated where they’re needed most – our clients!”

IWK Health Centre

Strengthening the ability of clinicians in local communities in Nova Scotia to support kids with complex needs.

IWK was struggling to keep up with demand for services from kids across the province. We have worked with them to strengthen the ability of mental health service providers across the province to provide care closer to home.

100 clinicians and counting have strengthened their knowledge to treat complex mental health issues.

In partnership with McKinsey, we have designed a capability building platform for clinicians. This platform is now serving as a foundation to establish provincial communities of practice so clinicians can access information and expertise on how to support their most complex kids.



Dr. Alexa Bagnell

Chief of Psychiatry and Senior Physician, Mental Health and Addictions Program
“Capitalize for Kids expertise in business management intelligence and innovation has leveraged the IWK’s ability to advance our vision in improving timely access to quality evidenced based care to children and adolescents across Nova Scotia. Full implementation of this initiative will strengthen the comfort and ability of clinicians and primary care practitioners to respond to youth mental health and addictions needs earlier with more effectiveness.”


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Impact Report- Q1 2022

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Impact Report- Q4 2021

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Impact Report- Q3 2021

Impact Report- Q3 2021

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Please note that our organization does not directly provide mental health services. To find a Children's Mental Health Centre in Ontario, click here. If you are in a crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.