Challenge Rationale Submission


By March 1st, all participants are required to submit a written thesis for their portfolio. You are able to trade and provide supplementary rationale thereafter if desired. The written thesis will hold a 50% weight in your overall score for your performance in the Challenge. Your portfolio returns represent the other 50% weight. A full description for how final rankings will be determined can be found here.

The maximum word count for the written portfolio thesis is 500 words.

Recommended Framework:

1. Portfolio rationale:

  • How and why did you construct their portfolio as you did (i.e. bottom up, top down, quantitatively)?
  • How did you settle on the number of stocks you selected?

2. A list of the names in your portfolio:

  • Minimum one sentence description for each security you chose, and a brief summary of the rationale for each.

3. Concluding statement:

  • Summary of why you believe your portfolio has the potential to earn outsized returns versus competing portfolios.

Each participant will be scored based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of overall investment strategy
  • Clarity of reasoning for the number of stocks selected
  • Quality of reasoning for why you believe your portfolio is superior to a competing portfolio
  • Quality of rationale for each security
  • Clear description of underlying business drivers
  • Creativity of ideas

Submission Form

Upload your completed rational using this form by March 1st at 11:59 PM EST

  • Max Word Count: 500
  • Supported file type: PDF, DOC, DOCX

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Sample Rationale

Need help writing your rationale? Download our examples to help you get started.

Download Example 1

Download Example 2