Stayed tuned for details on the 2022 Bay Street Games!

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Bay Street Games

On June 17, 2021, Capitalize for Kids hosted the 4th Annual Bay Street Games – the ultimate fitness competition between Bay Street firms. Co-ed teams of six faced off in a series of virtual fitness challenges. While the athletic events were all challenging, they allowed for participants who range in age and technical ability to participate from their remote location. At the end of the event, the winning team was crowned Bay Street’s Fittest Firm! Congratulations to CPPIB for taking home the trophy.


To prepare teams for the competition, we hosted complimentary virtual training sessions led by our gym partners. They were offered for the six weeks leading to the event, every Thursday at 4:30 PM.

2021 Champions

Bay Street’s Fittest Firm

Second Place

Third Place


The Events

While the athletic events are all challenging, they allow for participants who range in age and technical ability to participate from their remote location. Teams will receive points for each event and bonus points for their team’s fundraising. Check out the descriptions below to see what you should expect at the Bay Street Games.


10-minute AMRAP

Designed by Academy of Lions

In groups of 3 people, alternating between the two groups:

  1. 3 lion makers (shoulder tap R+L into push-up burpee) + 20 lateral squat jumps
  2. plank hold*

*plank must be held for the other group to complete the reps, switching once the first group is done

12-minute WOD

Designed by DeltaTrain Liberty Village

Buy in: 1min Wall Sit (your entire team will participate)

Then, working two at a time, 10 min AMRAP

5 Deadlifts
5 Front Rack Lunges
5 Hand Release Push-Ups

Buy out: 1min Wall Sit (all teammates)

Weight for deadlifts and front rack lunges will be one dumbbell or object, weight can range from 10 to 20 lbs.

10-minute Relay AMRAP

Designed by CrossFit YKV

Working one person at a time:

20 Mountain Climbers*
5 Tall Burpees**

*Each time the leg comes in is a rep.
**Tall burpees are legs out to a high plank, no chest to ground or push up required.

Finisher: Burpee Beep Test

Designed by Element CrossFit

Only one person nominated from your group of six will compete while the rest of you cheer them on. Every minute on the minute, they will complete:

6 chest to ground burpees (+1)*

*After each minute, 1 rep is added to the total amount of reps they need to complete in less than one minute (first minute 6 burpees, second minute 7, third minute 8, and so on). The time you have left after completing your reps is your rest time until the minute is up. If the person can’t complete the required reps within that minute, then they don’t progress to the next round of burpees.


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