About Us

We invest in kids’ mental health by working with service providers to build capacity.

Kids’ Mental Health

More than ever, kids are reaching out for support. Demand is increasing and mental health service providers are struggling to keep up. Kids and their families are trapped on waitlists – unable to get the help they desperately need.

The Community

Capitalize for Kids began in 2014 as a charitable investors conference that raised $1 million for the Centre for Brain and Mental Health at SickKids. Today, we are a growing community of financial services professionals rallying our friends, families and firms to support kids’ mental health. To date, we have raised over $5 million for our beneficiaries.

Active Philanthropy

The strength of our community enables us to take an unconventional approach to philanthropy. We don’t cut blank cheques to our beneficiaries. Instead, we work with them to identify opportunities to build capacity and reduce waitlists. Ultimately, we help more kids access the care they need.

Model for Impact

By combining sustainable funding with consulting support, Capitalize for Kids helps mental health service providers build capacity.


From our corporate partners, to our pro-bono consultants, and service provider beneficiaries, we bring together great organizations to create a lasting impact.

2. Build Capacity

Identify Opportunities
Help organizations identify challenges and opportunities to unlock capacity.
Develop Solutions
Design solutions to challenges and opportunities.
Unlock Capacity
Fund and support the implementation of new solutions.

3. Share Knowledge

Solutions are templated, published, and shared for use by other mental health service providers across Canada.

Our Team


A diverse team of talented professionals committed to maximizing our impact.



Our Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Leadership Council provide strategic leadership and ongoing support.





2016 Capitalize for Kids Financial Report



2015 Capitalize for Kids Annual Report and Financials



2015 SickKids Impact Report


Quarterly Report

Read our latest quarterly impact report to get an update on our ongoing projects.

Impact Report – Q3 2018

People are getting smarter and we’re solving problems to make society better off. When we think about the mental health system in Canada, it’s so easy to talk about the headline grabbing issues such as “an Ottawa family waits a year for mental health services” or “families struggle to navigate mental health services”. However, we need to think about the other side of the coin.

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Impact Report – Q2 2018

The importance of the art and science of strategy cannot be understated in the children’s brain and mental health sector. We have to use data and emerging trends to determine how to best support children and families across the country, and then execute on razor thin budgets. I continue to be impressed by the amazing leadership and collaboration on display by mental health service providers to deliver outcomes for children and families in this environment.

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Impact Report – Q1 2018

Over the past year, we have worked with service providers to help them become more efficient, more effective and more agile in supporting kids. We are reducing patient no-shows and last minute cancellations, implementing rigorous project management practices, finding new ways for clinicians to save time on administrative work and much more.

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Support our work

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