Impact Report- Q1 2022

With the increasing demand for services, children’s mental health agencies across Canada are struggling to keep up. Here are a few trends in mental health and mental health service delivery we’ve encountered…

More Complex Needs – The demand on the system to adapt to the needs of more diverse populations is growing.

Increased Demand, No Money – As a result of great advocacy and reduced stigma, more people are accessing services. Funding is not proportional.

Digital Services – New digital solutions present incredible opportunities. Risk, uncertainty and skillset underinvestment are slowing adoption.

Accessing Services – Barriers such as geography and work obligations prevent a parent from getting their child to care.

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Garrick Tiplady is the Vice President & Country Director for Meta in Canada, the company formerly known as Facebook. We discussed how his previous roles paved the way to Meta, his philanthropic work, and how Meta combatted COVID-19 misinformation and supported vaccination efforts across Canada. Listen HERE for our conversation.



Please note that our organization does not directly provide mental health services. To find a Children's Mental Health Centre in Ontario, click here. If you are in a crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.