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      Impact Report- Q4 2021

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      A new year brings new opportunities. Throughout 2021, our team worked with organizations to increase the quality of, and a better understanding of their operational data, implement appointment reminder systems and consolidate administrative systems into a centralized database. This work better positions agencies to support their counselling teams and their clients.

      Several projects came to a close, opening the door for new engagements and further impact. You can check out our quarterly project summaries from December HERE.

      At the completion of a project, we create knowledge translation documents so that other organizations can learn from our work and implement the solutions for themselves. You can view and download them from our knowledge hub.

      Bell Let’s Talk Day is January 26!

      Since Bell Let’s Talk Day started in 2011, the stigma surrounding mental illness has drastically declined, and awareness of mental health is at an all-time high in our country. This year, as Canadians turn out in record numbers to talk about mental health, we at Capitalize for Kids want to shine the spotlight on the most pressing challenges in the mental health sector today, and what we’re doing to fix them.

      Wait times for youth mental health services in Ontario are too long. Over 28,000 kids are currently waiting for care – some facing wait times as long as 919 days. Capitalize for Kids worked with RBC to help implement a new scheduling process at EveryMind. This process resulted in clients being seen 30% faster after receiving an appointment, and a 13.6% reduction in unexplained absences.

      COVID-19 has put an enormous strain on our healthcare system, with 60% of Canadian healthcare workers reporting severe burnout. Capitalize for Kids works with agencies to identify common workplace stressors and implement technical solutions that mitigate and eliminate them. We are currently working with YouthLink to implement an electronic health record system that will reduce the time and effort clinicians spend on administrative work.

      The disease burden of mental health issues in Canada is estimated at $51 billion per year. Capitalize for Kids focuses on finding innovative and cost-effective solutions to end the youth mental health epidemic. By implementing an appointment reminder solution at George Hull, Capitalize for Kids created $8 of healthcare value for every $1 spent.

      This work would not be possible without your support!

      Charitable Investment 

      As always, we greatly appreciate your ongoing support! If you are considering donating, please visit our website to learn of the many ways you can contribute.

      As we continue to navigate the changing landscape of COVID-19, we are optimistic that we will be able to host an outdoor event for the 5th Annual Bay Street Games later this year. We are working diligently with our partners to create a safe and engaging event for all involved and will continue to provide updates to our network as more information becomes available. Stay tuned!

      If your firm is interested in updates on the 2022 Bay Street Games, please contact [email protected].

      Join us on October 19 and 20, 2022 at Arcadian Court in Toronto, Ontario to watch industry-leading money managers present their best ideas. We have an amazing lineup planned, with 9 speakers already confirmed, including Ulrike Hoffmann-Burchardi, William Heard, Maria Jelescu and Jimmy Levin, among others.

      Don’t miss your chance to connect with 400+ attendees from prominent family offices, pension funds and asset managers at the 2022 C4K Investors Conference. All proceeds enable our capacity-building work with kids’ mental health agencies, so kids spend less time looking for help and more time getting it.

      For more information about partnership opportunities, please contact our Business Development Team at [email protected].