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      Discussion on debt

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      Our first panel discussion will be moderated by Ted Goldthorpe. Ted is a managing partner and head of credit for BC Partners and Goldman Sachs alum. Ted is no stranger to leading a conversation on stage, making his sixth appearance at the C4K Investors Conference and frequently guest-lecturing at leading universities including Columbia, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), University of Virginia, New York University, Stanford University and Queen’s University, his alma mater. Ted has been active in his engagement with charities, through the support of Queen’s University, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and sits on the boards of Canadian Olympic Foundation, Capitalize for Kids and Her Justice.

      Louise Pitt Brindle and Shelagh Lemke will join Ted in this conversation.

      Louise is a principal and the head of credit research at RPIA, after having spent her career on the sell side, latterly a Goldman Sachs alumnus. Away from the office, her charitable work includes sitting on the board of Music for Autism. She has deep expertise in analyzing global financial institutions, particularly the European financial sectors, and maintaining excellent relationships with issuers, investors and regulators globally. Like many of our equity investors at the conference, Louise brings a strong appreciation for ESG factors in her investment approach—believing RPIA achieves lower volatility and captures better returns when she finds companies delivering active management of ESG parameters and not just “slapping ESG” labels on the bond issuance. Given the significant data and lack of consistency across issuers, industries and geographies, Louise thinks that spending time on analysing the information can create differentiated value. We expect Louise to bring great insights into this panel discussion.

      Shelagh Lemke is the third member of the debt panel; she hails from Onex Credit. Shelagh leads the credit research team at the firm and continues to ply her trade that she has been cultivating for more than 20 years. Her experience has spanned industries across North America and Europe—investment grade and high yield. In addition to being a portfolio manager covering credit, she oversees the firm’s credit research team. Her volunteer activity includes sitting on the board at The Giles School and being an active member on The Ticker Club.