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      Next to the stage…

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      In our first Best Ideas Session of the conference, we will host a trio of seasoned investment professionals, starting with Angela Aldrich.

      Angela is the founder, managing partner and portfolio manager at Bayberry Capital, an investment firm based in New York. Angela was named one of “7 People Who Are Changing the Face of Power,” “5 Women to Watch in Investment Management” and one of 30 individuals listed as “Hedge Fund Rising Stars.” Angela, otherwise known as “Tiger Grandcub” from her time at Blue Ridge Capital, is clearly one to watch and we look forward to hearing her presentation.

      Following Angela, Scott Ferguson will take the stage. Scott is the managing partner and portfolio manager of Sachem Head Capital Management, an event-driven investment management firm based in New York. Scott and the team at Sachem Head are no strangers to the spotlight and are viewed as value investors who will become activists through genuine engagement in order to surface value. We look forward to hearing his sought-after ideas during his pitch.

      The final speaker of this session is Michelle Ross of Sphera Fund Management. Michelle is a partner and the director of research at Sphera Healthcare—positions she has held since joining the firm in 2016. Holding a MA in biotechnology from Columbia, Michelle brings great depth of knowledge and insight to her role, which supported the launch of Sphera’s Biotech Fund in 2018—focused on small- and mid-cap equity investments. Sphera’s investment approach is dedicated to pursuing strong, consistent risk-adjusted returns across distinct market cycles and macro events. We look forward to hearing Michelle’s expert perspective on health care investments.

      Hear these speakers and more by purchasing a ticket to the 2021 Investors Conference.