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      Five weeks away!

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      We are five weeks away from the 8th Annual Capitalize for Kids Investors Conference! As we approach this can’t-miss conference, we are proud to highlight the world-renowned investors who will present their best investment ideas during our two-day conference.

      Opening the conference is keynote speaker Jim Coulter of TPG Holdings, a global investment firm with $96 billion in assets under management. Jim is the executive chairman and a founding partner of TPG, managing partner of TPG Rise Climate and co-managing partner of The Rise Fund. In 2018 at Davos, Jim told this story to CNBC: “I explained it to my son the other day. It’s like you’re at a party at midnight; you maybe should go home as an investor, and someone brings in some tequila. What is clear is that late in the party you don’t want to drink as much tequila.” And in September 2019, Jim told Nancy Hungerford of CNBC, “I think it’s a really interesting time to look for growth and growth lies in disruption. For most of my career, change in business was a bit like evolutionary changes; this was assumed to be Darwinian—step by step, slowly, over long periods of time in the world of business. What we’re seeing around the world today is a new type of change where industries are radically remaking themselves.” With COVID being the ultimate disruptor, please join us to hear what Jim thinks about the recovery party as we emerge from the pandemic. No doubt Jim will focus much of his discussion on climate initiatives—radical remakes of our approaches to environmental challenges and the implications for investors. Is now the time to go home as governments try to deal with their spending hangovers or is it the dawn of disruption? Remember that sage “dad advice”-“Nothing good ever happens after midnight!”  We look forward to hearing what this veteran financier is focusing on now.

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