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      Don’t miss your chance to see Ray Dalio, David Rubenstein and many more!

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      Join us October 21-22, 2020

      What an incredible speaker lineup we have for you in 2020—from our humble beginnings in 2014 when Jeff Gallant and Kyle MacDonald dreamed larger than life and delivered a best-ideas investor conference that featured some very bright minds. As or more importantly, Jeff and Kyle created that inaugural Capitalize for Kids Investors Conference to give back because they fundamentally believed that a combination of luck, hard work, tenacity, and a good upbringing got them to a place of significant opportunity and that they needed to give back to their community. They wanted to have an impact that would be felt by many and was tailored to those who were young and experiencing mental health challenges. They wanted to create an event that extended well beyond their capacity to give. So they embarked on a journey to build a best-in-class conference that could raise $1 million annually to support kids’ mental health. While originally focused on SickKids, Kids Brain and Mental Health Research – we have extended our impact to kids’ mental health agencies across the country.

      “Overall, the project was an opportunity for a non-profit agency like ours to benefit from very skilled consulting and knowledgeable resources on optimal processes, communication, project management, and professionalism. The entire Yellow Schedule project was a helpful one for our agency and for our management team.” – Leticia Gracia, Director, Institute of Childhood Trauma and Attachment at The George Hull Centre for Children and Families

      As Jeff and Kyle highlighted at that inaugural conference, their vision was to create an unparalleled level of support, backstopped by the investment community engaged with Capitalize for Kids, focused on kids’ mental health. The direction for the organization, then and now, is continuously guided by the philosophy of doing well by doing good—an outlook we hope to instill in all those who engage with Capitalize for Kids. So please, come meet us virtually in Toronto to learn from some of the brightest members of our financial community and to support a cause you can stand behind.

      In that first year, we hosted 18 speakers pitching myriad ideas and Market Folly captured those ideas here. It is interesting that as we head into the 7th Annual Investors Conference on October 21–22, 2020, two of those original speakers will be back on our “stage”. Alex Roepers of Atlantic Investment Management and Jeffrey Smith of Starboard Value will once again be piquing our interests. Given that we don’t pay our speakers appearance fees or travel costs, we believe the business value of the conference and innovative impact work that we do with kids’ mental health agencies keep bringing our speakers back. Many speakers have returned multiple times, including Ulrike Hoffmann-Burchardi of Tudor, Cliff Asness of AQR Capital, Maria Jelescu of Ardinall, and David Rubenstein of The Carlyle Group. While we have built many ardent and repeat supporters in the investment community, we are also pleased that many others have chosen to speak with us for the first time, including Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates, Jeannine LiChong of Waratah Capital Advisors, Yann Robard of Whitehorse Liquidity, Sara Nainzadeh of Centenus Global Management and Nelson Peltz of Trian Partners. In the coming weeks, we will profile these and our other terrific speakers/investors in our blog so that you will get a better idea of why you purchased a ticket to attend our conference on October 21–22, 2020.

      Our conference is a key fundraiser for our activities, but it is more than simply a fundraiser like most galas, golf tournaments, runs or walks. We work hard to make the Capitalize for Kids Investors Conference the go-to best-ideas conference in Canada, where some of the brightest minds in North America share their investment ideas so those with capital can put their money to work effectively. Historically, we have typically amassed billions of dollars of Canadian investment capital in the room to hear our speakers; this year, the capital knows no boundary. So join us for the conference by purchasing a ticket here. Stayed tuned as we highlight the speakers we will be hosting in 35 days and some of the impact work that your funds are supporting at Capitalize for Kids.