Kids Help Phone seeking immediate help

Kids Help Phone is looking for phone counsellors, counselling managers, texting supervisors and texting coaches.  

Kids Help Phone has an immediate need to hire a significant number of counsellors and front-line staff. These positions will be contract for approximately 4 months.

If you meet the required skill set for any of these positions, please forward your resume to Alison Staples <[email protected]> with the title of the interested position in the subject line. Alternatively, visit their career page to apply directly. Candidates that meet the minimum specifications must provide a personal computer with internet access. 

Phone Counsellors 

Kids Help Phone Counsellors are responsible for providing professional, strengths-based, client-centered, anonymous and confidential, phone-based counselling services to youth as they define themselves using a single-session framework as part of our 24/7 national services. This position is for remote counsellors who must be able to work from home in a private and confidential workspace.

–       3 years experience counselling youth
–       Bachelor or Master’s degree in applicable fields (Social Work, Psychology etc.)
–       All hours – 8 and 10 hour shifts
–       Remote + IT requirements
–       Both languages needed (~10-20% bilingual ideal)

Counselling Managers 

The Counselling Manager is responsible for the overall performance (clinical and operational) management of the Counsellors working remotely across Canada providing 24/7 counselling services by Phone.  The Counselling Manager functions as a member of the Counselling Management team, working together and independently, to manage counsellors across a variety of shifts, and ensuring operations and clinical expectations are met.

–       4 years experience managing counsellors and counselling youth
–       Bachelor or Master’s degree in applicable fields (Social Work, Psychology etc.)
–       All hours – 10 hour shifts
–       Remote + IT requirements
–       Both languages  (~10-20% bilingual ideal)

Texting Supervisor (Bilingual and English-only)

Texting Supervisor ensures that youth receive high quality support in a timely way and that all Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for texting services are met or exceeded.  Supervisors build community with volunteer responders within an online platform.  This work involves a high volume of contact and priorities that can change very quickly.
–       Clinical knowledge
–       MSW / equivalent (BSW works w experience)
–       2-3 years of front line w crisis experience
–       All hours – 10 hour shifts
–       Remote + IT requirements
–       Bilingual – (not for counselling – but supporting volunteers and young people)

Coaches (non-clinical)

The Texting Coach provides feedback to Crisis Responders concerning their crisis intervention skills, develops and supervises performance management plans, and collaborates with Texting Supervisors to ensure reliable, consistent, and well-rounded support for continued volunteer success and advancement.
–       Non-clinical
–       Spread over days/evenings/weekend availability – overnight not necessary
–       Both languages required

For any questions, please reach out to the Kids Help Phone team directly or visit 

Please note that our organization does not directly provide mental health services. To find a Children's Mental Health Centre in Ontario, click here. If you are in a crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.