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      Impact Report – Q1 2019

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      Capitalize for Kids continues to build capacity in kids’ mental health. With the support of our donors and partners, we are elevating the sector to reduce wait times for children and families.

      Mental health service providers need to invest in strong infrastructure to deliver outstanding products and services. We have used technology to ensure that kids don’t miss their appointments, implemented cloud-based solutions to reduce administrative work, and aligned organizations to set them up for success.

      Scaling our solutions to additional organizations is a critical part of our impact strategy. We are excited to announce that we have been awarded a significant grant to scale the appointment reminder solution from our project at the George Hull Centre. This funding will replicate the solution with six other mental health agencies throughout Toronto.

      Our team has kicked off six new projects across ten organizations throughout southern Ontario. These projects are more complex than much of our previous work but have the potential to improve services for thousands of families.

      Here is a peek at some of the problems we’re working on:

      Quentin Broad

      Quentin Broad

      Managing Director, Capitalize for Kids

      Unoptimized referral processes affecting four mental health agencies serving 15,000 kids in Toronto’s east end.

      Client referrals come from many different sources and every organization has its own processes for how they are managed. In partnership with McKinsey & Company, we are conducting a client journey analysis that is the first of its kind in Toronto. It will identify opportunities to increase the volume of kids and the efficiency in which they achieve a successful health outcome.

      Over 50% of clinicians say burnout contributes to worse outcomes for clients according to CMAJ.

      Research shows that electronic medical records that have been poorly configured are a huge contributor to clinicians’ burnout. We’re working with two organizations in Waterloo to improve the use of their systems. This will save clinicians time and improve the quality of care for patients.

      Niagara based agency seeks faster access to service for 6,300 clients.

      Sometimes administration gets in the way of care. We’re working to optimize their intake process to ensure that kids get the help they need when they need it. We will also be supporting the increase in client flow by evaluating and deploying new service options to help them better serve their local community.

      We are also pleased to announce that Deb Shime will be joining the Capitalize for Kids team on April 1, 2019 as a Change Consultant. She is currently CEO at East Metro Youth Services, a children and youth mental health agency located in Scarborough and the lead agency in Toronto for the transformation of children and youth mental health. Deb has been a leader in the mental health sector and will continue that work in her role at Capitalize for Kids.


      Quentin Broad,
      Managing Director, Capitalize for Kids