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      IBV Capital Finding Value In Vertu Motors

      For the first edition of our new Monthly Manager Insight series, IBV Capital finds value in Vertu Motors. Read the introduction below and subscribe to our mailing list to receive this report and all future editions right in your inbox.

      IBV Capital is an investment management firm that practices an exceptionally disciplined value investment philosophy for conservative and discerning clientele. We have a history of delivering attractive long-term rates of return, which has been accomplished by performing exhaustive analyses to identify mispriced securities and concentrating our investments in the select opportunities that provide the greatest potential to safely grow our capital.

      Today, finding attractive investment opportunities is particularly challenging. To prosper, investors must be able to adapt to evolving investment conditions – which is why those with flexible capital and a commitment to conducting exceptionally detailed investment research enjoy a distinct advantage. We owe finding and participating in a recent investment – Vertu Motors PLC – to practicing these two principles.


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