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      How to Build the Perfect Resume for a Job in Finance

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      Having the necessary skills and qualifications is crucial to beginning a career in finance, but it is all about how you profile these on your resume that will allow you to stand out. We talked to industry experts and gathered their most valuable insights on which skills to build in your first couple of years in university, and exactly how to structure these on a high impact 1-page resume to help you break into the financial services industry.

      1. Education:

      In this section, list your post-secondary education and don’t forget to include your GPA and any academic awards that you are proud of! Including the specific courses you completed is optional, but briefly noting the types of courses you have completed that are applicable to the position you are applying for could provide some useful context for the employer.

      2. Work Experience:

      Only list your relevant and more recent work experiences, and use a few points to summarize the projects that you worked on and further specify the roles and responsibilities that each entailed.

      Must Haves: It is absolutely crucial to have a quantitative approach when discussing the results of your work, for example: “I increased sponsorship value by 19%, to an aggregate value of $24,000”.

      Differentiators: Make sure to highlight any instances where you took initiative or demonstrated strong leadership ability, this will show employers that you are committed and motivated to succeed.

      3. Extra Curricular & Leadership Experience:

      Here you can include other experiences that showcase your leadership ability and personal skillset. This can include extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, or other previous employment positions.

      Must Haves: We encourage you to include a variety of experiences; but it is essential that you also communicate a passion for investing in at least one of the listed positions.

      Differentiators: Employers will be looking to see that you are a member of or that you regularly attend an investment club. If you are apart of an investment club and have produced any materials worth showcasing, including that along with your submission is a great addition to your resume!

      4. Additional Accomplishments and Involvement:

      Your resume must communicate that you are knowledgeable about the financial services industry, this the perfect place to demonstrate how you go above and beyond the competition to build your finance acumen.

      Must Haves: Employers will be looking to see that you have experience with financial software (such as Capital IQ, Bloomberg, FactSet) and financial modelling courses (such as Wall Street Prep, Marquee Group). Another crucial component to demonstrating your knowledge of the industry is having completed the Canadian Securities Course and owning an investment account in which you can justify and discuss two stock picks. In addition to this, make sure that your listed employment skills are complementary to the position that you are applying for.

      Differentiators: This section is a great opportunity to provide the employer with some insightful context about you as an individual, and allow you to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Everyone is working towards a strong GPA, interesting work experiences, and extra curricular involvement. So use this section showcase how you are different. For example: a demonstrated passion for investing by showcasing that you are staying current on recent news, being enrolled or displaying an interest in your CFA, or describing your personal interests and hobbies such as travelling or playing an instrument.

      If you follow these guidelines, you will be one step closer to starting your career in the financial services industry. If you need help getting started, be sure to download our sample resume template below.

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      Winta Yonathan

      Winta Yonathan

      Project Manager Intern, Capitalize for Kids

      Winta is currently a Capitalize for Kids Intern and is in her final year at Wilfrid Laurier University. Prior to Capitalize for Kids, Winta worked at Uber, PEPSICO, and Miovision.