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      Exclusive Investment Ideas from Larry Robbins, Pierre Lavallee of CPPIB, and Cambridge Associates

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      Larry Robbins highlights investments Thermo Fischer Scientific Inc., McKesson Corp., HCA Holdings, why he is confident, and what he views as the path forward for the hedge fund industry.

      It’s no secret. Hedge fund performance in general, and Glenview’s performance in particular, has been negative over the last six months [as of March 2016]. And it’s been negative for reasons that we believe are transitory rather than perpetual. We therefore believe that the forward opportunity set is greatly enhanced, and that clients will be best served by allocating more capital – rather than less – towards that market opportunity. – Larry Robbins, Glenview Capital

      With the CPP fund slated to grow to $300 billion by 2020, Pierre Lavallée sees partnerships as a critical part of their growth – read more to see how he thinks about allocating capital.

      There are areas where we want to invest and where it’s just not practical to build our own team in-house. With the appropriate selection of external partners, we’re able to do it in a way that’s very profitable for our beneficiaries. – Pierre Lavallée, Senior Managing Director, Head of Investment Partnerships, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

      Learn how Cambridge Associates is finding incremental opportunities and pockets of value across the investment industry.

      Valuations in many asset classes are stretched. The double-digit returns from US equities over the last 5+ years, combined with persistently low global interest rates, lead us to look for growth and downside protection through different means. – Sona Menon, Head of North America Pensions and Outsourced Chief Investment Officer, Cambridge Associates.

      Read the full interviews by downloading Volume 1 of the Capitalize for Kids Investor Series.


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